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  • Physics in WWW (in Polish and not only)
  • English-Polish dictionary of new physical terms 
  • Fundamental physical constants
  • Interviews with Polish physicists
  • Outstanding physicists - commemoration plaques
  • Physics institutes  in Poland and  in the World
  • Physics conferences  in Poland and  in the World 
  • Physics of elementary interactions
    and nuclear physics in Poland
  • PhysNet (from a mirror in Poland)
  • PhysicsWeb, CIRS
  • Job announcements:  local and in the World
  • Laboratory information service
    Other links: 
  • Ministry of National Education
  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education
  • Foundation Pro Physica
  • European Physics Education Network (EUPEN)
  • International Science Olympiads 
  • International Conference of Young Scientists 
  • First Step to Nobel Prize in Physics 
  • Science Festival, Scientific Picnic
  • Science on Stage - Science on Stage in Poland
  • EuroPhysicsFun, European Science Events Association
  • Societies: 
  • European Physical Society 
       - grants
  • European Optical Society 
  • American Physical Society 
  • Other physical societies  
  • International Union of Pure and Applied Physics 
  • International Association of Mathematical Physics 
  • Polish Association of Science Teachers 
  • Polish Society for Crystal Growth
  • Polish Synchrotron Radiation Society 
  • Photonics Society of Poland
  • Polish Acoustical Society 
  • Polish Astronomical Society 
  • Polish Geophysical Society 
  • Polish Chemical Society 
  • Polish Mathematical Society 
  • Polish Information Processing Society 
  • Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
  • IEEE Poland Section (IEEE)
  • SPIE Poland Chapter (SPIE)

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